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anneal v : toughen (steel or glass) by a process of gradually heating and cooling; "temper glass" [syn: temper, normalize]

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  1. In the context of "metallurgy": To subject to great heat, and then cool slowly for the purpose of rendering less brittle; to temper; to toughen.


to subject to great heat, and then cool slowly
  • Czech: žíhat
  • Finnish: hehkuttaa
  • Spanish: recocer

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Annealing may refer to:-
  • Annealing (metallurgy), a heat treatment that alters the microstructure of a material causing changes in properties such as strength and hardness
  • Annealing (glass), heating a piece of glass to remove stress
  • Annealing (biology), DNA or RNA pairing by hydrogen bonds to a complementary sequence, forming a double-stranded polynucleotide
  • Simulated annealing, a technique for searching for a solution in a space otherwise too large for "ordinary" search methods to yield results
  • Information annealing or knowledge annealing, a network-based information system in which all users of the system are permitted to change the system at will
  • Quantum annealing, a method for finding solutions to combinatorial optimisation problems and ground states of glassy systems using quantum fluctuations
  • Full annealing, the annealing process of ferrous alloys.
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